Years of community organizing had culminated into Barry’s defining moment: Spearheading the Habitat Reclamation Project for the Two Eye Spotted Field Mouse. Obviously, North Korea would have to wait.


No, it’s not about Taiwan and it’s not about a Facebook suicide but yes, it is oh so interesting.  Samantha Brick reveals the trials and tribulations of being “too pretty” in her ” Woe is me, I’m too beautiful” article in the Daily Mail.

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I enjoy watching movies as much as the next guy, that is as long as the movie is not about four aging socialites from New York aimlessly wandering the world in search of Mr Right.   I have always regarded watching movies as a form of relaxation, a brief respite from the grueling rigors of  twenty-hour work weeks.  Well, as it turns out,  movies are not only just forms of mindless entertainment but also hotbeds of sometimes lifesaving advice.  Below, I have listed some of the choice nuggets of wisdom that I, personally, have learned from watching movies:

If a gigantic UFO parks itself directly above your city and said UFO ignores all attempts at communication, it might be a good idea not to live and work directly under the UFO, especially if you live/work in the White House.

If you just barely miss dying in a plane cash, roller coaster ride, etc. because someone had a premonition moments before the disaster, you might as well live it up because chances are you will be dead within the next couple of days.  Also, you may want to look into getting some Vicodin prescribed for yourself because your demise will not be painless.

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Who knew we were unwittingly flirting with disaster all this time?  I guess you can now cross packed lunches off the lengthy list of scourges.  I’m guessing people will be sleeping much easier tonight.  Bacteria colonies everywhere must be shuddering in unison after this latest defeat.

Humans 1 E Coli 0.

Dear 5428b,

I have recently moved to Taiwan and met a girl. We seem to be getting along great. However, the problem is she makes me drive her around everywhere. Is she using me for my car? Should I be worried?

Worried in Taipei

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Snugly nestled in a sea of Post Modernist structures, the Shinyin shopping district is home to Taipei 101, Warner Plaza and Bella Vita, to name a few attractions. Eclectic displays ranging from movie posters to life-sized cartoon caricatures crowd the walkways. Always too self-conscious about their looks, women, young and old, can be seen preening and primping. After all, this is the place to be seen, the place to be heard for most hip Taiwanese urbanites. Who knows, that rich single celebrity could be just around the next corner.

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Okay, apparently the world is ending.  Why is the world ending you ask?  Is it  because the civil unrest in Egypt is somehow tied to the opening of the seven seals? No.  Is it because the oyster population is declining across the world  meaning I will no longer be able to enjoy the Seafood Sampler at the Water Grill? Nope.  Is it because the blizzard sweeping across America is somehow heralding a shift in the polar axis?  Negative.  Perhaps, because Taiwan’s blind acceptance of the ECFA increases China’s hegemony in East Asia.  Okay, possibly that.  So why is the world ending?  Because the fixed asset subledger does not tie to the general ledger.

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